Sunday, 13 May 2007

Getting Closer To The Departure Date

2007 May 13 - Sunday
Yesterday, Andrew spent his time on photo copying and scanning all documentations in relations to the rally. Making sure that he is prepared should anything happens.. Just being proactive ^_^

As for today... he will be spending it with his mum... that's right! Its Mother's Day!!!
Don't forget this day!!! If you are not around her then give her a call!!

Also, a blog has been setup for the Mykytowychs' Rally and the web address is

Check it out!!!

2007 May 11 - Friday
Although Andrew is on leave/break... he headed into work to sort out some final bits and pieces..

He is still sorting out his camcorder... and has brought his mum some flowers..

Oh, almost forgot to mention.. its Leisa's Birthday today!!!

Happy Birthday Leisa!! Wishing you all the best!!!

I have been helping the Mykytowychs (in the background) with their preparation to the Peking to Paris Rally 2007.
I mainly provided technical support in terms of the technology or gadgets require to be used on the rally... or in area where Andrew has requested for help... (cause he is special to me) =}
Let me give you an insight on what I have been doing:-
  • Chinese and English labeling for the Blue Roo (the rally car) and guess what it is a 1958 Holden FC
  • Chinese and English Operation Manual for starting the rally car.. its not the typical "insert key and turn to start" that we are used to in modern vehicles
  • Chinese and English Shipping Content List (for items stored in the car)
  • Sourcing for the Iridium Satellite Phone with a good phone plan
  • Sourcing for camcorder
  • Google Earth data entry (mapped the entire rally for him)
  • Rally Speed tables
  • Mykytowych's Rally Business Card Design and printing
  • Mykytowych's Rally webpage

Let just say... its all the bits and pieces for the rally... things that are not quite needed but good to have in today's world.

None the less, I hope its all what Andrew needed and he is happy with what I have done..

2007 May 10 - Thursday

Today is a day for technology...

Andrew is sorting out his computer, updating all his programs and downloading all patches.. don't think he could do it during the trip or when he is in the Gobi Desert...
He is also looking at his Garmin GPS... let hopes it all up-to-date so that he won't get lost =p
Oh, almost forgot!!! He will be looking at the workings of his JVC camcorder which he has recently acquire for this trip. Just to record his memories..
2007 May 9 - Wednesday
The start date is getting closer...

The Blue Roo has left the Australian dock and is getting closer to China..

Both father and son are getting excited as their departure approaches.. yet they are also getting anxious..

Thoughts of uncertainiy and at times.. doubts on their preparation readiness crosses their mind..
They are now finalising their preparation as driver and navigator.

Organising all their belonging so that they, like the Blue Roo, are prepared and ready to experience and record all important moments of the rally.

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