Saturday, 2 June 2007

Day 7 - Ulaan Bataar to Khakorin

There is about 365km between Ulaan Bataar to Khakorin.. The camping journey starts today and will continue for the next few days. I know, I know… some have already started the odd camp in the last couple of days…but the long stint starts today!

Do you think the Mykytowychs would feel like a Mongolian? Or would they prefer the comforts back home?

I hope they both sleep well and have plenty of energy for the days to come =)

The road to Khakorin has started on good tarmac and as soon as the entrants turns off the main drag.. the road is a wide open plain that is filled with potholes and powdery dust!

There is also a time trail today going to the Café near a town called Lün. The Mykytowychs took the 9th position in the Classic Car Category and it gives them an overall position of 13th.

The result at the end of the day as all cars stopped at a Petrol Station for a refuel.. The Mykytowychs took the 9th in the Classic Car Category position and an overall position of 12th.

Surprisingly, this “out in the middle of nowhere” petrol station provide fuel with 93 Octane!!! However all fuel tickets are for 80 Octane so.. there was a dispute with regards to the extra cost but it quickly subsided and the petrol station is engulf by a man-made sandstorm as refuel commences.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Day 6 - Ulaan Bataar (Day Off)

This is the first rest day since the start of the rally on the 27 May…
I believe many of the entrants yearn for the arrival of the rest day… whether they are to see the sites… to carry out repairs... make adjustment… to stock up with local supplies.. or simply just to relax and sleep it away..

It is the last day in comfortable accommodation as they will commence their camping life tomorrow and it will last for a few days..

What do you think the Mykytowychs would chose to do for their rest day?

According to the rally organisers that are plenty of people carrying out repairs… and there are also those lucky one that could go site seeing or shopping! Not to mention.. there are some whom consider retirement! There was no mention of Car 115… I hope all is well with them =)

Andrew advises that they have been doing maintenance on Blue Roo all day so didn’t really go anywhere…

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Day 5 - Sainshand to Ulaan Bataar

Its off to the Capital of Mongolia… Ulaan Bataar!!! There is a 436km drive between Sainshand and Ulaan Bataar.

The Mykytowychs would be able to experience the vast openness of the Mongolia.. wonder what do they think of it?!

Today won’t be a timed trial as the rally marshals has to start their day locating and guiding everyone back to Sainshand…

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Day 4 - Erenhot to Sainshand (+Border)

Travelling from Erenhot to Sainshand in a 223km journey with the first border crossing from China to Mongolia =)

Lets hope all the paperwork are in place.. if not it will be a long day!

Oh! I contacted the Rally Organiser to see if I could put this webpage on their site and Philip Young say he will forward it to the website guys that is also travelling on the rally to get it done!!! Wonder when I will see it?! haha =D Don't worry I will be checking!! Now... I am excited! ~^///^~

Border crossing… Andrew says it took a long time to exit the Chinese Border but it was rather quick to enter the Mongolia Border.. He advise the Mongolian Border have ladies dressed in mini skirt!!! Do you think he picked someone up??? Actually does he have the time =p

Also, Blue Roo experience some really rough territory.. only 70km into the day of driving.. the wishbone on the driver side of the suspension broke. Luckily, they have a spare part… but it put them back 3 hours for today’s race for the exchange and repair…

As dusk approaches… they are driving through sandstorms… some cars are forced to stay out and camp as they could not reach Sainshand in time… the rally marshal will pick them up tomorrow.

Blue Roo has lost its waterbag but luckily Kiwi and Mango hanged on through the ordeal..

Its been spent on following the arrow on the GPS to guide them to the destination.. Sainshand!!

What a day!

Andrew has been advise that this is the roughest stretch of road for the entire rally.. lets just hope so!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Day 3 - Siziwangqi to Erenhot

A 248km journey between Siziwangqi to Erenhot in Mongolia…

Today, I have just put my name down for the Official Book detailing Peking to Paris 2007 Rally published by Veloce. Let hope that I could get first hand details as to the release date and could get my little hands on one before anyone else!!! =D

Andrew advise that today’s trip been smooth sailing =)

Monday, 28 May 2007

Day 2 - Datong to Siziwangqi

The Mykytowychs has reach the Great Wall at Datong.. And today’s journey will take them on a 368km trip to Siziwangqi.

They are heading north, looking at China’s country side.

Hope they will have another day with out any hassles =)

What a start, it is today… the Mykytowcyhs has a little fright!! As they start the car, they heard some unusual noises… they quickly get the rally support crew so that Blue Roo can get a check up. Upon check, they were advise that it is due to the lack of oil in the gear box. The Mykytowychs quickly went to work to refill to the amount required and moved on to further water/oil checks for Blue Roo.

Other than that, they have left Datong on their designated time and the journey was hassle free, aside from a re-route! Hey, they even ended up arriving at Siziwangqi an hour early!! Don’t worry, this time around, they will not be penalised for their early arrival =)

The facilities where the Mykytowych are staying are primitive and it is on 10°C. Just hope they don’t freeze!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Day 1 – Beijing to Datong

The Mykyotwychs have attended a prestart and would have done the real final checks for Blue Roo before they head off.

Today, will take the Mykytowychs from Beijing to Datong in 363km stint. No doubt both father and son are both anxious, eager to start the first day of the rally.

Wonder what interesting things they would be going their way?!

The Mykytowych have almost left the Shangri La Hotel Beijing at the crack of dawn (0430hrs for the first car).. therefore Blue Roo made it out around 0530hrs for the Great Wall Flagging Off at Badaling at 0830hrs.

Andrew advise say all went well and they are on time today as they reach Datong and they even have a look at the Hunyuan Monastery!!!

They will only need to check oil and tyre pressure before they start tomorrow.

All in all, it’s a great start for the Mykytowychs!

Remember the other passengers.. Kiwi and Mango! They are place in the front of the car to experience the rally up close and personal!

TV and Movie Star!!!

As we all know the 2007 Peking to Paris Rally marks the 100th Anniversary of this event

Later on in the year... a book will be published by Veloce detailing all three Peking to Paris events. It will cover all the highs, the lows, the cars and of course, the personalities. The book will also include full results and of course stunning photography.

And to top that of, there will be a 13-part TV series on this event, but it is not known if this will be broadcast in Australia. The Mykytowychs has been provided with a Sony Camcorder by the film crew to record their journey!

You know what?! Bohodar, Andrew and the Blue Roo will be a movie/TV star!!!

Knowing Andrew… let just hope the series would not be full of “beeps” =P

Haha =D