Saturday, 2 June 2007

Day 7 - Ulaan Bataar to Khakorin

There is about 365km between Ulaan Bataar to Khakorin.. The camping journey starts today and will continue for the next few days. I know, I know… some have already started the odd camp in the last couple of days…but the long stint starts today!

Do you think the Mykytowychs would feel like a Mongolian? Or would they prefer the comforts back home?

I hope they both sleep well and have plenty of energy for the days to come =)

The road to Khakorin has started on good tarmac and as soon as the entrants turns off the main drag.. the road is a wide open plain that is filled with potholes and powdery dust!

There is also a time trail today going to the Café near a town called Lün. The Mykytowychs took the 9th position in the Classic Car Category and it gives them an overall position of 13th.

The result at the end of the day as all cars stopped at a Petrol Station for a refuel.. The Mykytowychs took the 9th in the Classic Car Category position and an overall position of 12th.

Surprisingly, this “out in the middle of nowhere” petrol station provide fuel with 93 Octane!!! However all fuel tickets are for 80 Octane so.. there was a dispute with regards to the extra cost but it quickly subsided and the petrol station is engulf by a man-made sandstorm as refuel commences.

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