Sunday, 27 May 2007

Day 1 – Beijing to Datong

The Mykyotwychs have attended a prestart and would have done the real final checks for Blue Roo before they head off.

Today, will take the Mykytowychs from Beijing to Datong in 363km stint. No doubt both father and son are both anxious, eager to start the first day of the rally.

Wonder what interesting things they would be going their way?!

The Mykytowych have almost left the Shangri La Hotel Beijing at the crack of dawn (0430hrs for the first car).. therefore Blue Roo made it out around 0530hrs for the Great Wall Flagging Off at Badaling at 0830hrs.

Andrew advise say all went well and they are on time today as they reach Datong and they even have a look at the Hunyuan Monastery!!!

They will only need to check oil and tyre pressure before they start tomorrow.

All in all, it’s a great start for the Mykytowychs!

Remember the other passengers.. Kiwi and Mango! They are place in the front of the car to experience the rally up close and personal!

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