Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Day 4 - Erenhot to Sainshand (+Border)

Travelling from Erenhot to Sainshand in a 223km journey with the first border crossing from China to Mongolia =)

Lets hope all the paperwork are in place.. if not it will be a long day!

Oh! I contacted the Rally Organiser to see if I could put this webpage on their site and Philip Young say he will forward it to the website guys that is also travelling on the rally to get it done!!! Wonder when I will see it?! haha =D Don't worry I will be checking!! Now... I am excited! ~^///^~

Border crossing… Andrew says it took a long time to exit the Chinese Border but it was rather quick to enter the Mongolia Border.. He advise the Mongolian Border have ladies dressed in mini skirt!!! Do you think he picked someone up??? Actually does he have the time =p

Also, Blue Roo experience some really rough territory.. only 70km into the day of driving.. the wishbone on the driver side of the suspension broke. Luckily, they have a spare part… but it put them back 3 hours for today’s race for the exchange and repair…

As dusk approaches… they are driving through sandstorms… some cars are forced to stay out and camp as they could not reach Sainshand in time… the rally marshal will pick them up tomorrow.

Blue Roo has lost its waterbag but luckily Kiwi and Mango hanged on through the ordeal..

Its been spent on following the arrow on the GPS to guide them to the destination.. Sainshand!!

What a day!

Andrew has been advise that this is the roughest stretch of road for the entire rally.. lets just hope so!

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