Saturday, 23 June 2007

Day 28 - Riga to Vilnius (+Border)

Today’s journey will take the Mykytowych from Riga of Latvia to Vilnius of Lithuania. It is a 394km drive between the two cities.

What do they think of the area so far? How would Blue Roo perform with newly fitted shock absorber?!

Another eventful day filled with beautiful scenery!

4 time trails were on the cards, Time Trail 28.1 - Riga Circuit starting at the Riga Motor Museum, Time Trail 28.3 – Lecava in the woods, Time Trail 28.3b Bucase at the Bucase Forrest at the and Time Trail 28.4 – Dubrogiai the hills with sudden crest and long open bends…

There are more super smooths gravel roads for more glorious rallying in the third Baltic State!

During today’s run… the Mykytowychs that the engine oil is leaking and has gone through 7litres of oil before the end of the day!

Despite that, the Blue Roo has finished the day without a hitch! And have also hold onto its position as the day end =)

Friday, 22 June 2007

Day 27 - Tallinn to Riga (+Border)

The Mykytowychs will leave Tallinn of Estonia for Riga of Latvia in a 406km journey.

This is their first day travelling inside Eastern Europe… wonder what will they see and what will they come across?

Today, I have updated the webpage with extra photos added to the gallery =) Feel free to have a look! =)

Oh, I have also found various Russian based website that provide a link to the Mykytowychs’ Rally webpage and therefore to this blog! Haha =D Don’t you think they are getting famous and is leaving their mark in the world with this journey?! =)

Good new!!! Andrew says that there might be a chance for him to get the shock absorbers in Riga… let hope all will go well for him =)

It appears the day has been wonderful with the rally official sending praises to Estonia and many have commented that this is the best day since Beijing!

Wow, there are 4 time trails today…
- Time Trail 27.1 –Tallinn Rally Cross
- Time Trail 27.2 – Rummu
- Time Trail 27.3 – Vaimõisa and
- Time Trail 27.4 – Parnu Circuit.

The Mykytowychs has done very well in all today’s time trail and by the end of the day, they have kept their overall position of 6 and class position of 4!

Even better news!!! Andrew did get the shock absorbers… I believe he will be installing them tonight, if not, first thing tomorrow morning!!! Blue Roo would be in even better condition now!!!

Go Blue Roo!!! Go the Mykytowychs!!!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Day 26 - St Petersburg to Tallinn (+Border)

After leaving St Petersburg… the rally entrants would leave Russia and approach Tallinn of Estonia… This is their first border crossing since Day 12 on the 7 June and is a 450km drive between St Petersburg and Tallinn

What will the Mykytowych see in Estonia?

It appears that the border crossing became bigger than “Ben Hur”! It was a test of patience!! Despite all the preparation and promises, many entrants had a hard time in getting a stamp on their passport. Various items were examined and lengthy car inspections were also carried out! According to the rally organiser, today’s border crossing is one of the two most troublesome ever experienced in the last 20 years! They are of the impression that promises were made but it never materialised..

To top that off... there are Russian Police on the road and have pulled up various entrants to fine the on the spot! Be it speeding or other traffic related issue!

What a day!!

However, for those who managed to cross the border… the scenery and road of Estonia was “to die for”!

Estonia are filled with forest track that have free flowing open bends with a smooth surface! There were also wooden chalets and cabins coupled with twisty smooth tarmac along the coast almost took the entrants back in time… People are smiling and the children are cheering… today could easily be one of the best drives in the rally.

Time trails has recommenced... there are thre time trails and the roads has been closed today purely for the use of the rally. With the help of local motor club officials… the time trail have ran like clockwork! However, due to the harassment at the Russian border… the time trails had been cancelled.

Andrew say that they have completed all today’s challenges on time and Blue Roo is still looking good =)

Mango and Kiwi is still hanging on at the front of the car =)

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Day 25 - St Petersburg (Day Off)

After surviving the longest drive yesterday… all the entrants are having a day off at St Petersburg.

Without a doubt… there will be those that require the day to carry out repairs while there will also be those that only need a routine check and maintenance.

Since Beijing… all those on the road have travelled 8862kms over the last 20 driving days which take as to an average of 443kms per day.

Bohodar has left with the camera crew to various tourist destinations for his day off… while Andrew concentrated his efforts in getting a set of shock absorbers upon carrying out the routine checks on the Blue Roo =)

Unfortunately, Andrew is not having any luck… he has located the correct ones in Holland (the factory) but any retail sales have to go through their distributors… At this point in time… he could not get a hold of anyone in Latvia and Lithuania.

Not to worry, the current ones still works… the Blue Roo needs a new set just to improve it competitiveness on all upcoming time trails =)

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Day 24 - Moscow to St Petersburg

Today marks the longest drive in the entire rally… 730kms from Moscow to St Petersburg...

Lets us hope today would be trouble free too!

Monday, 18 June 2007

Day 23 – Moscow (Day Off)

Yay! Rest Day!!!

Lets have a look at some of the statistics… so far those travelling on the road since Beijing, would have easily travelled 8132kms... and that is an addition of 1898kms since the last rest day on Day 18 which is the 13 June 07.

On average, the entrants would have travelled 428kms per day over last 19 driving days… and the average distance travelled since the last rest day is 475kms.

The Mykytowychs would continue their search for the shock absorbers and carry out detail inspection and necessary maintenance on the Blue Roo.

Let hope they find what they need this time and would be able to go for a bit of site seeing in Moscow… the Capital of Russia.

I have sent Andrew an email with details of the distributors for Koni shock absorbers in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. I hope that Blue Roo could find a new set of shock absorbers along the way, if in case the Mykytowychs cannot find one today in Moscow.

As for being a tourist… the Mykytowych has visited the Red Square, Lenin’s tomb, Kremlin, St Basils and the Gum Department Store! =)

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Day 22 - Niz. Novgorod to Moscow

After another 439km drive from Niz. Novgorod… the rally entrants has finally reached Moscow! Not to mention, they could look forward to they rest day!!

Remember on Day 18 at Yekaterinburg on 13 June… the rally organisers have decided cancel Day 11 as a timed day and our favourite team has dropped in position due to this decision… The good news is that they have now decided to reinstate Day 11 as a timed day!!

Therefore, the Mykytowych is now back to holding an overall position of 6 and a class position of 4! They are still holding onto their Gold Medal Status!!