Friday, 22 June 2007

Day 27 - Tallinn to Riga (+Border)

The Mykytowychs will leave Tallinn of Estonia for Riga of Latvia in a 406km journey.

This is their first day travelling inside Eastern Europe… wonder what will they see and what will they come across?

Today, I have updated the webpage with extra photos added to the gallery =) Feel free to have a look! =)

Oh, I have also found various Russian based website that provide a link to the Mykytowychs’ Rally webpage and therefore to this blog! Haha =D Don’t you think they are getting famous and is leaving their mark in the world with this journey?! =)

Good new!!! Andrew says that there might be a chance for him to get the shock absorbers in Riga… let hope all will go well for him =)

It appears the day has been wonderful with the rally official sending praises to Estonia and many have commented that this is the best day since Beijing!

Wow, there are 4 time trails today…
- Time Trail 27.1 –Tallinn Rally Cross
- Time Trail 27.2 – Rummu
- Time Trail 27.3 – Vaimõisa and
- Time Trail 27.4 – Parnu Circuit.

The Mykytowychs has done very well in all today’s time trail and by the end of the day, they have kept their overall position of 6 and class position of 4!

Even better news!!! Andrew did get the shock absorbers… I believe he will be installing them tonight, if not, first thing tomorrow morning!!! Blue Roo would be in even better condition now!!!

Go Blue Roo!!! Go the Mykytowychs!!!

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