Thursday, 21 June 2007

Day 26 - St Petersburg to Tallinn (+Border)

After leaving St Petersburg… the rally entrants would leave Russia and approach Tallinn of Estonia… This is their first border crossing since Day 12 on the 7 June and is a 450km drive between St Petersburg and Tallinn

What will the Mykytowych see in Estonia?

It appears that the border crossing became bigger than “Ben Hur”! It was a test of patience!! Despite all the preparation and promises, many entrants had a hard time in getting a stamp on their passport. Various items were examined and lengthy car inspections were also carried out! According to the rally organiser, today’s border crossing is one of the two most troublesome ever experienced in the last 20 years! They are of the impression that promises were made but it never materialised..

To top that off... there are Russian Police on the road and have pulled up various entrants to fine the on the spot! Be it speeding or other traffic related issue!

What a day!!

However, for those who managed to cross the border… the scenery and road of Estonia was “to die for”!

Estonia are filled with forest track that have free flowing open bends with a smooth surface! There were also wooden chalets and cabins coupled with twisty smooth tarmac along the coast almost took the entrants back in time… People are smiling and the children are cheering… today could easily be one of the best drives in the rally.

Time trails has recommenced... there are thre time trails and the roads has been closed today purely for the use of the rally. With the help of local motor club officials… the time trail have ran like clockwork! However, due to the harassment at the Russian border… the time trails had been cancelled.

Andrew say that they have completed all today’s challenges on time and Blue Roo is still looking good =)

Mango and Kiwi is still hanging on at the front of the car =)

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