Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Day 25 - St Petersburg (Day Off)

After surviving the longest drive yesterday… all the entrants are having a day off at St Petersburg.

Without a doubt… there will be those that require the day to carry out repairs while there will also be those that only need a routine check and maintenance.

Since Beijing… all those on the road have travelled 8862kms over the last 20 driving days which take as to an average of 443kms per day.

Bohodar has left with the camera crew to various tourist destinations for his day off… while Andrew concentrated his efforts in getting a set of shock absorbers upon carrying out the routine checks on the Blue Roo =)

Unfortunately, Andrew is not having any luck… he has located the correct ones in Holland (the factory) but any retail sales have to go through their distributors… At this point in time… he could not get a hold of anyone in Latvia and Lithuania.

Not to worry, the current ones still works… the Blue Roo needs a new set just to improve it competitiveness on all upcoming time trails =)

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