Saturday, 9 June 2007

Day 14 - Novosibirsk (Day Off)

Finally… a rest day!

According to the distances given on the Official Peking to Paris Webpage managed by the Rally Organisers… the entrants now have travelled 4619kms over the last 12 days of driving, excluding Day 6 and today since they are rest days! So, I guess we all give them a break and not include them it to further lower their average travelled distance per day =) Doing the maths… this means they would average out to be about 385km in the 12 days. Of course, this is only true if the entrants use the exact same/very similar course where these distances were taken.

For this precious day… What to you think the rally entrants would do especially after all the rough roads in Mongolia? How many would be able to see the site and relax? Or should I ask how much repair and adjustment work would be going on in the carpark for every team? Would there be those that need to stock up with local supplies?

Without a doubt, the Mykytowychs would be out hunting for a shock absorber replacement. Let hope that they find the one they needed…

Hum.. Andrew advises that there is no plans to do any site seeing.. they will concentrate their efforts in the hunt for two shock absorbers.. then move onto Blue Roo maintenance where they will… at the very least… check all spark plugs, check all oil and greases..

At the moment, Andrew is anticipating a drop in their position, base on the fact that the Blue Roo is limited in speed compared to other entrants whom may be able to drive faster on open roads..

Of course.. we will keep our eyes open and see what will happen in the next few days!

Friday, 8 June 2007

Day 13 - Bijsk to Novosibirsk

Hopefully, the Mykytowychs has all gotten a good night sleep last night =)

Today is short drive compare to yesterday.. the drive to Novosibirsk is around 437kms.

Wonder what type of day would the Mykytowychs would have.. aside from driving that is.. =)

Andrew says it has been a very simple drive with some showers along the way.. and both Kiwi and Mango got wet…

The Mykytowychs is holding onto their place on the board with an overall position of 6 and a class position of 4!

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Day 12 - Border to Bijsk (+Border)

After passing the border… it will be a very very long drive… 635km to Bijsk! The Mykytowychs finally made it into Russia!!

Wonder what the Russians’ roads would be like? As rough as those in Mongolia or a rather smooth drive compare to the last couple of days?

Last night was also their last day in camp arrangements… Tonight the Mykytowychs are staying in D. Vostok Hotel in Bijsk… Do you think it would feel like heaven for them to finally be sleeping in beds?!

The rally crew arrived at the Border around 0800hrs (progressively) to complete all administrations required.. I wonder if there are ladies with mini-skirts (like the Mongolian Border) or are they all “macho” men?

Unfortunately, on the pervious night... Andrew had one drink too many and have ended up with a severe hang over! His father, took up the chance to have a go at him for sleeping in and not completing the paperwork prior to their start time today! Serve Andrew right for his actions I thought =) He should know better than to drink too many when he still have to navigate!

It has definitely been a long day… the border crossing and the first long distance drive .. the Mykytowychs did not reach Bijsk until 2230hrs! What a long day!

However, Andrew describe the drive as being very picturesque. =)

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Day 11 - Khovd to Border Camp

After a rough time yesterday… the time in Mongolia is now coming to an end… with a rather short trip of 295km, the Mykytowychs will leave Khovd and arrive at the Border Camp in Mongolia… It’s their final night in Mongolia…

How would the Mykytowychs describe their 2500 plus kilometres journey in Mongolia? What reminiscence would Mongolia be for

I hope the father and son have made up since their argument.. and could now freely share their thoughts on what has been and what to come =)

Today has been filled with river crossings.. Andrew says that all went well for them while the last car didn’t reach the camp until 2 hours after midnight.

More importantly, the father and son has made up =) What a relieve!

Oh! Little Kiwi has been laughing at Mango all day as they get all dirty and muddy through the river
. Don't they look worn out ?!

Congratulations to the Mykytowchs!!!

The Mykytowychs now hold the place with an overall position of 6 and a class position of 4!!!

Andrew says, surprisingly, despite this region being one of the most remote area on Earth… the Petrol Stations are constantly giving an easy 92 Octane Fuel! So don’t judge things by its cover!

To Andrew.. Mongolia is an extremely dry place where the desert meets up with snow capped mountains.. He say the area is filled with a rugged beauty... Mongolia seems to transport him back to the beginning of time where the virgin Earth has not been touch and influence by the human race.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Day 10 - Altay to Khovd

Another night in their own tent… today is a 433km drive from Altay to Khovd…

More Mongolian desert for Andrew and his father... Do you think they would wish to be out of the area or are they thoroughly enjoying themselves and don't want to leave???

Today been a difficult day for the Mykytowych.. again.. there were two time trials… and of course, more shocking roads for the Blue Roo and its occupants..

The scenery is very nice… with snow on the mountain tops… and it even rained!

The entrants have been advise that the second time trail of the day will not be time… as there are many that are still catching up with the main group from almost two days ago!

With all the rough roads in the last few days… Blue Roo suffered further damages.. Shock absorber damaged (found leaking) and the front fog light is smashed..

To top it off, Andrew found the spare shock absorber is different to the one installed!!! He say he will have to run on the existing one! He will have to wait until he reach Russia before finding a replacement. Luckily the loose suspension pin can be replaced easily..

Andrew and his father had another blew today… where Andrew commented that his dad either driveing too fast or too slow… not to mention Andrew got a bit sunburnt.

Andrew also say that the time set for the day based on an average travelling speed of 70km/hr is not practical for the road conditions!

After talking to other entrants that have went on the perivous Peking to Paris Rally and the World Rally, Andrew has been advise that the roads on the last 4 day is rougher that those travelled in pervious rally!

Is this a Demolition Rally rather than an Endurance Rally??

Monday, 4 June 2007

Day 9 - Bayankhongor to Altay

After a night in their tents… the Blue Roo will take its occupant further into Mongolia… today’s destination is Altay.. a 388km drive from Bayankhongor

Again, more vast open desert scenery for the day’s journey.. would the Mykytowych be sick and tired of seeing endless sand horizons… sick of the magnificent yet barren landscape?

There is two time trails today… Time Trail 9.1-Km33 and Time Trail 9.2-River Crossing…

Yup, you have read correctly… it’s the first river crossing for the rally… Andrew advise that the Blue Roo “sailed” across the river with out any problems =)

Although, the Mykytowychs did not reach the camp until an hour and a half later… Overall, Andrew says its been a good day..

Oh! Andrew advise that there is a penalty free zone of half an hour and the maximum penalty is applied up to 2 hours from Rally’s anticipate finish time..

None the less, they are still in the running for Gold and have maintained their place from yesterday!

Keep up the good work!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Day 8 - Khakorin to Bayankhongor

Following a night in a very comfortable Yurts… its a longer drive today, with around 428kms to cover between Khakorin to Bayankhongor…

Wonder what the Mykytowychs would experience today?

Andrew say the road is rough.. with about half of today’s drive (200km) on some rutted rocky desert scrub!!! There are one too many tracks to choose from…

The father and son team has gone into argument as to which track to take!

Now, now.. boys we need to work together here… make sure you make up with one another!!

In the mean time.. the wish pins at the front of the car broke but is easily replaced by on-board spares. Lucky! =)

Today also consist of 2 time trials.. Time Trail 8.1 – Tarmac Ends… and… Time Trail 8.2 – Bayankhongor Road.. The Mykytowychs obtain an overall position of 10 and a class position of 8.

By the end of the day.. The Mykytowychs are now in an overall position of 8 and a class position of 6!

Did you see, what I see… They have moved up the ladder!!!


Remember boys! You don’t have to be first in everything but if you keep it steady and trouble free… you will enjoy your time and with a bit of luck… further up the ranks!!!