Thursday, 7 June 2007

Day 12 - Border to Bijsk (+Border)

After passing the border… it will be a very very long drive… 635km to Bijsk! The Mykytowychs finally made it into Russia!!

Wonder what the Russians’ roads would be like? As rough as those in Mongolia or a rather smooth drive compare to the last couple of days?

Last night was also their last day in camp arrangements… Tonight the Mykytowychs are staying in D. Vostok Hotel in Bijsk… Do you think it would feel like heaven for them to finally be sleeping in beds?!

The rally crew arrived at the Border around 0800hrs (progressively) to complete all administrations required.. I wonder if there are ladies with mini-skirts (like the Mongolian Border) or are they all “macho” men?

Unfortunately, on the pervious night... Andrew had one drink too many and have ended up with a severe hang over! His father, took up the chance to have a go at him for sleeping in and not completing the paperwork prior to their start time today! Serve Andrew right for his actions I thought =) He should know better than to drink too many when he still have to navigate!

It has definitely been a long day… the border crossing and the first long distance drive .. the Mykytowychs did not reach Bijsk until 2230hrs! What a long day!

However, Andrew describe the drive as being very picturesque. =)

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