Monday, 4 June 2007

Day 9 - Bayankhongor to Altay

After a night in their tents… the Blue Roo will take its occupant further into Mongolia… today’s destination is Altay.. a 388km drive from Bayankhongor

Again, more vast open desert scenery for the day’s journey.. would the Mykytowych be sick and tired of seeing endless sand horizons… sick of the magnificent yet barren landscape?

There is two time trails today… Time Trail 9.1-Km33 and Time Trail 9.2-River Crossing…

Yup, you have read correctly… it’s the first river crossing for the rally… Andrew advise that the Blue Roo “sailed” across the river with out any problems =)

Although, the Mykytowychs did not reach the camp until an hour and a half later… Overall, Andrew says its been a good day..

Oh! Andrew advise that there is a penalty free zone of half an hour and the maximum penalty is applied up to 2 hours from Rally’s anticipate finish time..

None the less, they are still in the running for Gold and have maintained their place from yesterday!

Keep up the good work!

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