Sunday, 3 June 2007

Day 8 - Khakorin to Bayankhongor

Following a night in a very comfortable Yurts… its a longer drive today, with around 428kms to cover between Khakorin to Bayankhongor…

Wonder what the Mykytowychs would experience today?

Andrew say the road is rough.. with about half of today’s drive (200km) on some rutted rocky desert scrub!!! There are one too many tracks to choose from…

The father and son team has gone into argument as to which track to take!

Now, now.. boys we need to work together here… make sure you make up with one another!!

In the mean time.. the wish pins at the front of the car broke but is easily replaced by on-board spares. Lucky! =)

Today also consist of 2 time trials.. Time Trail 8.1 – Tarmac Ends… and… Time Trail 8.2 – Bayankhongor Road.. The Mykytowychs obtain an overall position of 10 and a class position of 8.

By the end of the day.. The Mykytowychs are now in an overall position of 8 and a class position of 6!

Did you see, what I see… They have moved up the ladder!!!


Remember boys! You don’t have to be first in everything but if you keep it steady and trouble free… you will enjoy your time and with a bit of luck… further up the ranks!!!

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