Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Day 10 - Altay to Khovd

Another night in their own tent… today is a 433km drive from Altay to Khovd…

More Mongolian desert for Andrew and his father... Do you think they would wish to be out of the area or are they thoroughly enjoying themselves and don't want to leave???

Today been a difficult day for the Mykytowych.. again.. there were two time trials… and of course, more shocking roads for the Blue Roo and its occupants..

The scenery is very nice… with snow on the mountain tops… and it even rained!

The entrants have been advise that the second time trail of the day will not be time… as there are many that are still catching up with the main group from almost two days ago!

With all the rough roads in the last few days… Blue Roo suffered further damages.. Shock absorber damaged (found leaking) and the front fog light is smashed..

To top it off, Andrew found the spare shock absorber is different to the one installed!!! He say he will have to run on the existing one! He will have to wait until he reach Russia before finding a replacement. Luckily the loose suspension pin can be replaced easily..

Andrew and his father had another blew today… where Andrew commented that his dad either driveing too fast or too slow… not to mention Andrew got a bit sunburnt.

Andrew also say that the time set for the day based on an average travelling speed of 70km/hr is not practical for the road conditions!

After talking to other entrants that have went on the perivous Peking to Paris Rally and the World Rally, Andrew has been advise that the roads on the last 4 day is rougher that those travelled in pervious rally!

Is this a Demolition Rally rather than an Endurance Rally??

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