Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Day 11 - Khovd to Border Camp

After a rough time yesterday… the time in Mongolia is now coming to an end… with a rather short trip of 295km, the Mykytowychs will leave Khovd and arrive at the Border Camp in Mongolia… It’s their final night in Mongolia…

How would the Mykytowychs describe their 2500 plus kilometres journey in Mongolia? What reminiscence would Mongolia be for

I hope the father and son have made up since their argument.. and could now freely share their thoughts on what has been and what to come =)

Today has been filled with river crossings.. Andrew says that all went well for them while the last car didn’t reach the camp until 2 hours after midnight.

More importantly, the father and son has made up =) What a relieve!

Oh! Little Kiwi has been laughing at Mango all day as they get all dirty and muddy through the river
. Don't they look worn out ?!

Congratulations to the Mykytowchs!!!

The Mykytowychs now hold the place with an overall position of 6 and a class position of 4!!!

Andrew says, surprisingly, despite this region being one of the most remote area on Earth… the Petrol Stations are constantly giving an easy 92 Octane Fuel! So don’t judge things by its cover!

To Andrew.. Mongolia is an extremely dry place where the desert meets up with snow capped mountains.. He say the area is filled with a rugged beauty... Mongolia seems to transport him back to the beginning of time where the virgin Earth has not been touch and influence by the human race.

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