Saturday, 9 June 2007

Day 14 - Novosibirsk (Day Off)

Finally… a rest day!

According to the distances given on the Official Peking to Paris Webpage managed by the Rally Organisers… the entrants now have travelled 4619kms over the last 12 days of driving, excluding Day 6 and today since they are rest days! So, I guess we all give them a break and not include them it to further lower their average travelled distance per day =) Doing the maths… this means they would average out to be about 385km in the 12 days. Of course, this is only true if the entrants use the exact same/very similar course where these distances were taken.

For this precious day… What to you think the rally entrants would do especially after all the rough roads in Mongolia? How many would be able to see the site and relax? Or should I ask how much repair and adjustment work would be going on in the carpark for every team? Would there be those that need to stock up with local supplies?

Without a doubt, the Mykytowychs would be out hunting for a shock absorber replacement. Let hope that they find the one they needed…

Hum.. Andrew advises that there is no plans to do any site seeing.. they will concentrate their efforts in the hunt for two shock absorbers.. then move onto Blue Roo maintenance where they will… at the very least… check all spark plugs, check all oil and greases..

At the moment, Andrew is anticipating a drop in their position, base on the fact that the Blue Roo is limited in speed compared to other entrants whom may be able to drive faster on open roads..

Of course.. we will keep our eyes open and see what will happen in the next few days!

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