Saturday, 23 June 2007

Day 28 - Riga to Vilnius (+Border)

Today’s journey will take the Mykytowych from Riga of Latvia to Vilnius of Lithuania. It is a 394km drive between the two cities.

What do they think of the area so far? How would Blue Roo perform with newly fitted shock absorber?!

Another eventful day filled with beautiful scenery!

4 time trails were on the cards, Time Trail 28.1 - Riga Circuit starting at the Riga Motor Museum, Time Trail 28.3 – Lecava in the woods, Time Trail 28.3b Bucase at the Bucase Forrest at the and Time Trail 28.4 – Dubrogiai the hills with sudden crest and long open bends…

There are more super smooths gravel roads for more glorious rallying in the third Baltic State!

During today’s run… the Mykytowychs that the engine oil is leaking and has gone through 7litres of oil before the end of the day!

Despite that, the Blue Roo has finished the day without a hitch! And have also hold onto its position as the day end =)

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