Sunday, 24 June 2007

Day 29 - Vilnius to Mikolajki (+Border)

403kms separates Vilnius of Lithuania and Mikolajki of Poland with another border crossing… The last 4 days has been filled with border crossings, plenty of paperwork for all the border guards as well as everyone in the rally.

What did the Mykytowych think of all the border crossings? Were all the paperwork in place and did all administration run efficiently and smoothly?

There are a total of 5 time trails today… Vevis, Juchy, Soldany One, Soldany Two and Milki!

Major disaster fallen on the Blue Roo during the third time trail - 29.3 - Soldany One… the Mykytowych took too long there... it appears that the gear box and the diffs are damaged… and therefore for all subsequent time trail of the day... they have to put in their resignation… =(

Blue Roo has to be towed to Mikolajki to complete the day and Andrew anticipates that Blue Roo will be on a truck in order to reach Gdansk tomorrow…

Now the Mykytowych is on a Silver Medal and has an overall position of 9 and a class position of 6.

Hey! They are still in the top ten!!!

Here is what Andrew has to say…

After a successful morning of border crossing to Mikolajki (just show passports) and two timed competitive stages, the differential in the FC Holden decided to give up on us. There was a tremendous noise and both rear wheels locked up and brought us to a skidding halt – we had visions of gearbox and differential problems…our hold onto the Gold Medal was now but a distant memory.

The Holden was towed back to the Hotel in Mikolajki by the film crew who relished in the visuals and heartbreak of both my dad and me. In the car park the Holden was by itself, the rear was up on axel stands and the differential came out to reveal a collapsed bearing race and a stripped pinion gear. Our hopes for retaining 5 place overall was dashed as we had to transport the car to Gdansk and have it repaired.

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