Saturday, 30 June 2007

Day 35 - Reims to Paris

The end has finally arrived!!

Congratulations to all entrants for surviving and/or participating in the 2007 Peking and Paris!

Also, congratulations to the rally organisers for organising another successful event!!

Cheers are well deserved for all, and even more cheers goes to all the rally cars for participating!!!

Again… everyone have come a long way… from pre-rally preparations… to the start in Beijing… through to the raw beauty of Mongolia… the vast expanse of Russia…the day trips in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania… to Poland.. to Germany… and to their final destination Paris…

The 2007 Peking to Paris Rally spans over 35 days of which 29 days are actual driving days. Over the 29 driving days, the participants have travelled an easy 12642kms with an average of 436kms per day… their rest days are filled with routine checks and necessary maintenance on their beloved rally car… there are only a handful of people who could actually go site seeing!

I believe all the entrants have heaps of stories to tell and to bring back home to their loved ones =) To share their joy, to discuss all disaster and most importantly their experience for the last 35 days… if not more when one includes their preparation time… Without a doubt, their loved ones also what to find out what the entrants have experience and who they have met..

Now, it is time for everyone on the rally to play dress up… to go out in their finery and enjoy the party the organisers have arranged.

Tonight’s party would reunite Leisa with her husband, Bohodar, and her son, Andrew… to talk about the time the father and son team have shared and experienced as well as the other entrant.

The last 35 days are times that will be remembered by all involved, be it that they are the organisers, the actual participants or their background supporters!!!

Once again… Congratulations to a rally well done!

What reminisce would the last 35 days be for the Mykytowychs? Would they be going for another rally, or are they already planning for the next one? Haha =D

I wonder what sort of photos and videos would I get to see from Andrew? Honestly, I can’t wait!! Can’t wait to see some of the actual shots on the rally since I have been following it so closely =)

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