Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Day 32 - Gdansk to Potsdam (+Border)

All repairs are complete?… Checked!

Daily maintenance complete?… Checked!

Blue Roo is ready to rock and roll?… Checked!

Fire up the engine and Blue Roo is now mobile!!!

The Mykytowychs will take leave from Poland for Germany today… there is a 598kms drive between Gdansk and Potsdam. This is the longest drive in the last few days of the rally and it also involves the crossing of the Poland/Germany Border.

Are all repairs in good running condition? Would there be any problem with the border crossing?

Regardless, the Mykytowychs and the Blue Roo is now back on the road… and that’s all we care about =) haha =D

I am a disappointed… despite my effort of trying bring you news from the frontline… Andrew is not responding to any of my emails… I guess, I just don’t have to care so much!

Well, since I haven’t heard from the front line… according to the news published by the rally officials… the entrants have their first stretch of Motorway since China upon crossing the border into Germany!

What a relieve this would be for a lot of cars and participants!!!

A silver medal still goes to the Mykytowychs and the Blue Roo… and as for the leader board… our favourite team still hold an overall position of 10 and a class position of 7 =)

Finally, here is Andrew's spill on the Blue Roo's problems and his thoughts on the competition side of the rally...

The car ran beautifully today, albeit the top speed is slightly lower (95km/h). Many competitors were thrilled and relieved to see us back in the rally (the competition stages are now over).

Thus, throughout Mongolia and Russia and the Baltic States we gained and held onto a Gold Medal status and an overall placing of 5 in Classic Category. We are now holding Silver and an overall placing of 10.

In hindsight, if we had no problems in Mongolia during the first 2 days and no problems with the differential, then I would reckon that we could have bettered 4 overall with Gold.

There is always 2010!

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