Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Day 31 - Gdansk (Day Off)

Another well earned rest day for all in the rally!

All still active in the rally would have driven/travelled 10866km in the last 25 driving days since Beijing… This will give an average of 435kms driven per day. Remember rest days were not counted in the average =)

Gdansk is their last rest day before the end of the rally… all those involved have indeed come a long way… from preparation.. to the start in Beijing and now… we are only 4 days away till the end…

I believe everyone could see the light at the end of the tunnel! However, this is the time where the entrants need to be more vigilant!!! They are so close to the end… but they have still got a while to go… say 1776kms till Paris!

Maintenance and routine checks are a must for all!

Wonder how Blue Roo is going?? Did the Mykytowychs manage to fix all the problems?

Yippee!!!! Blue Roo is back on the road again!!!

Back on the road again!!!!

Andrew found an axle today and have done all repairs!!!

So watch out Paris!! Here comes the Mykytowychs!!!

Andrew’s thoughts…

The Polish Rally / Motor-Cross Club they came for our car and us…towed us 55km through pouring rain to their garage and had the car up on a hoist and axle removed PRIOR to the replacement axle arriving. The donor axle came from a light Polish truck – complete with prop-shaft and brake lines.

They transported dad and myself back to the Hotel where we (tried to) relax. Later in the evening THEY delivered the Holden to the Hotel. Dad took it for a test run and parted with 2500 local currency – worth it when no other options are available.

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