Monday, 25 June 2007

Day 30 - Mikolajki to Gdansk

Today, the Mykytowychs would be making a 351kms passage across Poland… they will be travelling from Mikolajki to Gdansk…

There are only 5 days to go with tomorrow being a rest day… so there are only 4 more days of driving…

It is unfortunate that such disaster has fallen on the Blue Roo yesterday… and this will impact further on their position as they are unable to complete the time trails today… Andrew advises that he will keep checking in and out so that they could maintain their silver medal!

Let us hope that they manage to find a truck to transport the Blue Roo to Gdansk and they could arrange for repair work before the day is finished =)

All the best to Blue Roo and the Mykytowychs!!!

Andrew, don’t give up and don’t sound so down! You are now in an area where you could get help and fix Blue Roo! It does not matter what medal you bring home or what position you are in, remember it a great achievement to have gone on this rally and experience all the up and downs!!!

I am proud of you and what you have done! And will keep cheering you on for all your endeavours!!!

Go Go Blue Roo! Go Go Mykytowychs!! Go Go Andrew!!! You are still Number One in my eyes!!!

All in all… by the end of the day… the Blue Roo has an overall position of 10 and a class position of 7 =) And true to his words, they are holding onto the Silver Medal! =)

Andrew’s experience on for the day…

I spent day 30 with the medical crew bludging a lift and looking at the competition stages from the other side of the windscreen. Other competitors (and organisers) felt our sorrows. Meanwhile, dad was with the car and transporter in Gdansk looking for a replacement gear.

That night we contacted the Polish Rally / Motor-Cross Club of Poland who came to our (and other competitors) aid. We showed them the Holden, the gear, the axle and off they went…we were dubious in them finding a differential or replacement axle on such short notice.

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