Friday, 1 June 2007

Day 6 - Ulaan Bataar (Day Off)

This is the first rest day since the start of the rally on the 27 May…
I believe many of the entrants yearn for the arrival of the rest day… whether they are to see the sites… to carry out repairs... make adjustment… to stock up with local supplies.. or simply just to relax and sleep it away..

It is the last day in comfortable accommodation as they will commence their camping life tomorrow and it will last for a few days..

What do you think the Mykytowychs would chose to do for their rest day?

According to the rally organisers that are plenty of people carrying out repairs… and there are also those lucky one that could go site seeing or shopping! Not to mention.. there are some whom consider retirement! There was no mention of Car 115… I hope all is well with them =)

Andrew advises that they have been doing maintenance on Blue Roo all day so didn’t really go anywhere…

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