Monday, 28 May 2007

Day 2 - Datong to Siziwangqi

The Mykytowychs has reach the Great Wall at Datong.. And today’s journey will take them on a 368km trip to Siziwangqi.

They are heading north, looking at China’s country side.

Hope they will have another day with out any hassles =)

What a start, it is today… the Mykytowcyhs has a little fright!! As they start the car, they heard some unusual noises… they quickly get the rally support crew so that Blue Roo can get a check up. Upon check, they were advise that it is due to the lack of oil in the gear box. The Mykytowychs quickly went to work to refill to the amount required and moved on to further water/oil checks for Blue Roo.

Other than that, they have left Datong on their designated time and the journey was hassle free, aside from a re-route! Hey, they even ended up arriving at Siziwangqi an hour early!! Don’t worry, this time around, they will not be penalised for their early arrival =)

The facilities where the Mykytowych are staying are primitive and it is on 10°C. Just hope they don’t freeze!

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