Sunday, 20 May 2007

One more day till departure!

One more day till fly out day for the Mykytowychs!!

Let introduce two more passenger for the rally!!! You will never guess who they are… let me give you a hint!

Its Kiwi and Mango for those who know them!!!

Haha =D

You could see them at The Gallery… a picture of them helping Andrew with the rally route =)

They will be place on/at the front-line of the Blue Roo where they will get first hand experience of the whole rally!! They will actually see all lumps and bumps on the road before the driver and its navigator!!!

Watch out of them at the rally!!! If found, please return them to the Mykytowychs!!!

A spill is prepared by Andrew on what the Blue Roo has gone through to make the rally is available to all to read on The Blue Roo.

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