Monday, 11 June 2007

Day 16 - Omsk to Tyumen

Today, the Blue Roo will be leaving Omsk for a 632kms dive to Tyumen.

Two rather long drive in a roll! Wonder what kind of place would Tyumen be? Is it like Omsk or would they be leaving modern civilisation behind once again?

Today’s been another fun drive for the Mykytowychs.. they are doing well considering that they are running on a rebuild set of shock absorbers… they will continue their search… although the rebuild ones are not at their peak but it is performing way better than before the rebuild.

Let all hope they have better luck at Yekaterinburg in finding one! Its only two days away before the next rest day!!!

The Blue Roo didn’t come away unscathed today.. during the rain.. the window wiper on the driver side broke.. for emergency repairs.. the Blue Roo was driven into a Petrol Station and the Mykytowychs have swapped the one on the passenger side as the replacement! Andrew advise that the arm has to be installed back to front in order for it to work…

So now… should it rain again.. the navigator, Andrew will have no visibility… but I believe we all agree that its better than the driver, Bohodar having none!!! Can’t be driving blind right?! =) Good on them for their quick thinking! All they have to do is wait for the next rest day and go and get some new wiper!!!

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