Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Day 17 - Tyumen to Yekaterinburg

It’s a relatively short day compared to the last two.. Only 315km to Yekaterinburg from Tyumen.

Without a doubt all the entrants will be looking forward to their rest day… yes, there is one tomorrow! A well earned one don’t you think?! Especially after two day worth of long distance driving!

The Mykytowychs have more shopping/hunting to do to finalise some repairs for Blue Roo tomorrow..

What adventures would they have today?

Andrew say he is having trouble with sleep lately… We all won’t blame him when we know… the sun rises at 4am in the morning and doesn’t set until 11pm… There are 19 hours of daylight.. and only 5 hours in the night!!! What a long day!!!

How do you all think we will behave when we are being put through 19 hours of daylight! Especially for those thom are use to having mornings… afternoons… evenings… and night?!!! For those who work… it will appears if work will never end… for those who study (in daytime) the classes won’t appear to finish!! For the night critters.. the night is simply not long enough!

My… do you think we well all want to sleep all the time… just simply the night is not long enough?!

Today has been another wet day.. but the drive has been good and is hassle free!

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