Sunday, 1 July 2007

The end...

Well, its time to say good bye now…. But before we do…

It’s been great fun doing the blog for the Mykytowychs 2007 Peking to Paris Rally… I hope the readers out there or perhaps the fans of the Blue Roo have a great time reading about their adventures! To share their heartache and their joy =)

It been a wonderful time for me and I look forward to doing it all again!

Haha =) Perhaps next time I could be one of the rally participants rather than just a writer/report! =)

Hey people, let cheer for the Mykytowychs!!!

Hip Hip Horray!!! Hip Hip Horray!!! Hip Hip Horray!!!

I look forward to the return of the Mykytowychs to listen to their story… see the pictures… watch the videos and of course… to catch up with Andrew again! =)

Hang on… there is still another Peking to Paris Rally in 2010!!! Anyone interested???

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Andy & Mary Ann said...

Leisa, Mick, Andrew,
Great hearing from you. I didn't have to unpack the Studebaker - I left it in Dublin. Did you ever get the Jeep rear end out of the Blue Roo? Had a great time with you guys. Probably won't see you in 2010! I'm done !!
Please send me your email address. Mine is
Andy Vann